Tailorbrands is by far the largest logo maker on the market with some very unique offering – they have pioneered a way to sell logos under subscriptions.. yes, you’ve heard it right! Which is not a common feat in the industry at all. Founded in 2014 by  and Yali Saar (CEO) and Nadav Shatz (CTO) an Israel based company have raised $5m over 2 rounds so far.


  • one stop shop for simple branding
  • great add-on tools for launching new businesses (Social planner, Business card designer, etc)
  • variety of logo extras that come with a logo (Brandbook, Static examples, Deck slides, etc)


  • designs are sub-par
  • you need a subscription to edit your logo
  • not very user friendly and pricey

Tailorbrands position themselves as a branding platform rather then a logo maker since they offer various tools you might need starting a new project or business. Toolset includes Social posts planner, Business card tool, Watermark tool, Facebook ads creator and more which you get with a subscription, billed monthly or annually.

Tailorbrands logo generator

They also claim that they use Artificial Intelligence and ask you to choose a few font styles before presenting you with logo ideas . This is a tedious and lengthy process that you have to complete all over again every time you want to generate some logo ideas, but most importantly: i don’t believe these choices affect the results much.

More on that, rather then presenting me some font style choices by writing my company name with it (so obvious!) they just write “Example” in different fonts.. see for yourself, wouldn’t it be a lot more productive to add more personification on this step?

Once this is done you are presented with generated logos that look like MS Word clip-art at best. You can now finally (took them a year to figure) scroll the left sidebar for more examples but they are of the same quality. Previously you had only 5 logos and had to go over the whole process again to get 5 more.. They also say “no skills required” on their homepage but i am thinking it’s the requirement for designers from their HR department

Tailorbrands logo maker

Clicking red “Customize”  button will take you to their editor which is very slow, reloads the whole page on any smallest change like letter-spacing and it’s interface is not user unfriendly at all

Clicking “Finish” will take you to the package chooser where you can select your package and d billing cycle which is Monthly, 1 Year and 2 Years

Last step, after filling in this beautifully crafted and very attractive form you will be taken to your user dashboard where you can start using all the tools but this is for the next part of this article which is coming soon

Part 2 coming soon


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