Being a web developer I do small websites and prototypes for a living and am always on a look out for a cheap and quality branding tools all the time. I am way faster at doing things myself rather then asking someone for help, so figured I need some sort of self-service option to let me create simple branding packages easily. That’s how I’ve ended up using logo makers of all shapes and colours. Since last year after being stale for years we have a “quiet revolution” happening among them: old ones add more features in bulk, new kind of tools emerge and some people even claim they use Artificial Intelligence to generate logos and branding packages.. Moreover, literally hundreds of tools and services were released this year and are available today. While they all might look the same and promise great logos – in reality it isn’t always happening.¬†I can’t stand seeing how another new “Unique” and “Artificial Intelligence” powered logo maker pops out each other week with a hefty price tag and heaps of promises, so I decided to make this website with quick and comprehensive market overview.

So if you are looking for a new logo for your new venture or a big idea and would like a quick and comprehensive glance on the best tools out there Рlook no more.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with anyone of them and won’t post any promotional links, just my personal reviews based on a few dozen of key-points and actual created logos compared side by side. I have used all these products myself and will share the real logo examples they provide so you don’t have to waste your time on this. This website will also expose all hidden catches, dirty techniques and thin wording that some companies actively use as well as highlight some better performing and safe to use ones.